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Friday, November 19, 2010

Complement from Jocelyn

Hi Everyone,

I just do not have enough time to keep my posting updated as I am receiving much more orders as compare during July 2010 when I first started this blog. I am very happy to received complements from my customers and hope they really love the products. Below is one of the complements which make my day right:

I stumbled upon Ernee's blogspot while searching for "customized jigsaw puzzles". Among the sea of suppliers in Singapore advertising their services, Ernee's stood out in terms of a more presentable blog page.

While Ernee's products are not exactly the lowest cost, he more than made up for it in terms of excellent and speedy service (quick to response, professional undertaking of the project, and prompt delivery), as well as offering an assurance that most other suppliers are lacking.

The end product exceed my expectations and I will definately approach Ernee again if the opportunity arises.

Many thanks, Ernee!


Joycelyn Loh

Really thanks so much for all your support. I will do much better and hear you soon when you need my service.

Cheers ~ Ernee Ong @ 96704167